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Boundless Bodies#1 Cuerpo sin contorno, a collaboration with RRD and Romina R Soriano, Mexico city

Judha Su
จุฑา สุวรรณมงคล 
June 2019
body language×body movement×dance×improvisation×laboratory×sign language×
Photo by: Sergio Torres

RRD and Romina R Soriano, in collaboration with soi, created Cuerpo sin contorno, a workshop that speech does not have a primary role, and language is not the only viable form of expression. Message does not pass through linguistic chains; it does via the body, postures, noises, images, mimicry, intensities, movement, rhythm, etc. 

Cuerpo sin contorno organizes an experiment that invites people to re-configure different expressive strata that are not hierarchically structured, and does not involve a clearly identifiable speaker or a listener which is typical of the communicational and linguistic model.  

Public Assembly
(March 30-31, 2019)

Throughout the internal workshop of Cuerpo sin contorno, the idea has developed into a public assembly. Participants from different fields joined the experiment and shared their thoughts.


(March 27, 2019)

(March 21-25, 2019)

This stage is exclusively operated within the team. We spent time discussing what kind of activities/tactics/methods we exactly want to do and think they could work. We talked, traveled, worked, walked, danced, trained skills (eg. non-verbal, sign language that could be shared), and observes how one’s individuated self has been transformed.